Website Writing & Consulting

Most readers come to websites and aim to quickly get in and get out—whether to accomplish a task or find information. They’re usually scanners rather than detailed readers. Thus, content must be brief and easy to comprehend.

When consulting, I stress that each web page has a primary objective. A friendly and welcoming tone increases the chances of a good user experience. Leave no doubt about your brand and services.

Simplify Complex Topics

Companies sometimes have technical or intimidating topics to share. Banking, insurance, and taxes are a few examples. If the message is reaching mass audiences, text needs to be simple—at least an 8th-grade reading level.

Information should be written in a conversational matter, in other words, how people talk. If more details are necessary for a complicated topic, many website techniques can be used so readers aren’t overwhelmed.

Digital Content Vision

Determining the purpose and target readership for communications is critical. The purpose of text can range from educating to persuading readers. Defining the intended audience can help decide which communication channels are best for the message.


Whichever digital medium is selected, keep in mind that it will likely be read by people on their mobile devices while on the go. So concise headers, bullets, and easy-to-digest information is a must.

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