Rod Gerlach LLC will help you achieve your goals with the right message. I'll carefully listen to your needs and provide the compelling words. 

Every Word Counts



I bring 20+ years of corporate and journalism writing experience. I've written for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. I deliver influential content to target audiences with proven results. Learn more about me.



I provide exceptional writing, editing, and consulting services across all communication channels. Words must be concise and powerful in today's digital world. Take a look at my wide range of services that can help you.



I leverage longtime user experience knowledge to understand how mass audiences read and perceive words.

This is why I ask clients their needs up front. Find out how my tested digital content strategies can work for you.


Please call me at 847-302-9412 for a free consultation. I'll listen and work with you to craft the right communication for the desired results. 


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